11 January 2018

It is 2018

Happy 2018 to all.

 My 46th wedding anniversary went by recently; my grandson will turn a teenager this year(!!) and it will be five years since my son passed away.  Life moves on inexorably.  There is no point looking back.  Forward is the only way.

I am hoping I can travel this year.  My husband & I have been talking about trips around India for a while.  Hopefully we can do at least a couple this year. 

I do not make new year resolutions, for quite a while now.  After all, the resolve for a change can be anytime.  But here's hoping I can make changes in me for the better this year.

Once more, wishing everyone a good, peaceful, year.

11 December 2017

It is the Christmas season

Though I have made my blog Christmassy, I am still a little like the Grinch.  Maybe it takes me a while to completely get into the festivities. With no kids in the house, there is no urge to decorate.  Anyway, I am listening to as much Christmas music as I can, to help me get into the mood. Hopefully will be done next week
Seasons greetings to you all.

01 November 2017

Last Day

I am going back home and sad at leaving my son and family.

I went for a last walk yesterday.  It was beautifully sunny but cold!  It was a glorious Fall day.
In the evening I got to witness an American Halloween, with all the kids in the neighbourhood out trick or treating in spite of the cold.  Of course, for many their costumes were not visible because of the jackets they were wearing.  It was an interesting experience.  What a lot of candy!!!!

I hope my son and family will visit next year and then maybe we can pay them a visit the year after.  Till then good bye Illinois.

31 October 2017

Fall 2

A few more pictures....

On a clear day you can see forever!

Three stages of Fall together.

Loved the different shades.

Halloween 😊😊

25 October 2017

Good Intentions

I had intended to post at least a couple more blog posts, but sorry to say obviously the commitment was not deep enough. 
I have been enjoying Fall in the US.  The colours are mind blowing. I have been posting pictures on Instagram of as much of the beauty around me that I saw--beautiful sunsets, trees clothed in colours from a brilliant sunshiny yellow, through saffron, deep pinks, bright oranges, dusky maroon and flaming reds.  I could not believe the shades of pink.  I have only seen Fall pictures in shades of red and orange.   The colours were as wonderful as those of spring flowers.  But now the trees have really been shedding their leaves and by the time we leave next week, the trees would probably be naked and shivering, waiting for their winter coats.